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Australian Industry Training Providers (AITP) is the ultimate partner for organisations to equip their employees with the essential tools required to perform their duties competently and to a professional standard. We offer a range of training programs designed to impart valuable skills and knowledge to your employees and make them even more effective and efficient employees for your organisation.

AITP takes pride in serving as a home to many qualified and vocationally competent trainers and assessors. With the wealth of collective experience in a variety of industries and proven training expertise, our team is highly capable of honing your staff’s skills to the highest standards and guiding them to take the right path towards excellence.

Each of our specialists shares our organisation’s passion in helping participants become better at what they do. Our trainers are adept at a variety of teaching strategies and committed to attending to the individual needs of any participant. You can expect us to deliver outstanding training to employees and that your company leaders deserve.

At AITP, we are fully aware that no two companies have the same needs. Every organisation is distinct in many different ways, so tailored training is necessary. We are sensitive to your unique requirements and dedicated to covering your specific training plans.

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AITP offers a range of courses to meet a variety of training needs for a wide range of workplaces, organisations and industries. We are proud to say that “we provide the training that industry asks for.”

Our courses are aimed at improving workplace performance across a range of areas: